Caslon Pro- Poster Improvements


In our lecture, we were told to present our posters as a pair. We had to analyse each other’s posters picking out the pros and cons being displayed. My partner had told me that I needed to improve on the layout and to also hide the positioning of my name, as that wasn’t really needed. However he liked the style and felt that I managed to connect with the way William Caslon did his work. The poster on the left is the poster that I presented and the poster on the right is the one that I improved. I changed the positioning of my name to the bottom left hand corner of the page. I changed the positioning of the characters and ligatures to be positioned symmetrically. I also placed the words context, history and classification closer to the paragraphs as the spacing between them wasn’t needed.

What I learnt in this lecture was that lots of people have different opinions on the art, being produced in the world. When designing my poster I thought the best way to represent William Caslon, was to design my poster like a newspaper. However my lecture didn’t like the path I was taking and told me to try something else. My instincts were telling me to carry on with it, so I did. When it came to the presentation there was another lecture that said he absolutely loved my work, that I had really researched the artist’s interest and style. Immediately he knew it was an old style design, represented like the artists work. Even though I had one lecture saying they weren’t impressed about it, I felt that it didn’t really matter because someone else would like it. I know in the graphic world if I had a client I would have to make sure that it came to the needs and requirements of the client. However in an overall perspective, I learnt that I had to always follow my instincts and that everyone in the world is different so some people are going to love it and some are going to hate it. I just need to make sure that I remember to stay true to myself with the work that I present.


For my partner’s poster I felt that he needed to improve on the uppercase alphabet. I said that he should place all the letters on the same line, like he has done for the other characters. To also place his logo more clearly, so the reader can see what that typeface has been used for. Other than that I really liked how he positioned the layout of his work and showed the typeface big and bold. He even showed the title from a different perspective by forming shapes to present the text. I felt that it was a very cleverly designed poster, designed for the typeface ‘Futura.’


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