Layout, Hierarchy & Grid

Layout -Is the careful positioning on a page, in which the parts of something are arranged or laid out. To also make sure there is a balance between positive space and the design elements.

Hierarchy- It emphasizes elements on an organised content. It helps navigate the system by visually controlling the impact of the message, onto the reader.

Grids – A grid is a network of lines. This helps you to layout out elements on a system like a newspaper or document.

All of these terminologies are sources that work together to help the reader understand a content of a document, newspaper, book and other contents. To also know where they should start from and finish.

I did a lecture workshop on how to use Indesign. I never really used Indesign before, so it was very interesting to experiment on. I wanted to have a better knowledge of how to use the site and what I could produce with it. The workshop has helped me understand tools, which can be used to design a poster, book, brochure or newspaper. It shows the ways of how the composition and grid methods can be used.

In the workshop we learnt how to collaborate a brochure, the professional way. My lecturer took us through it step by step. I learnt quite a lot from this lecture, it showed me all the elements and strategies of how to construct a brochure the easiest way possible. I found the process quite difficult because I kept losing track on the way and would have a tendency, to forget how to do certain things. Next time, I want to make sure that I write notes down, so that it can help me in future workshops.


A Type Primer- I found this book really useful, it helped me understand the different terminologies, when doing this workshop and designing my work. It is one that I will reflect on if I am in need to understanding more terminolgies about Type and compositions.



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