Keynotes- When is a nerd not a nerd? When they are a geek

In this lecture, I was given a different perspective to what the terminology of the word ‘Geek’ or ‘Nerd’ meant. How do we separate the word masculinity into different categories? stereotypically implying that men with buff bodies, wearing suites or even wearing designer clothing are more manly, then the men that do the complete opposite.

I learned a term Hegemonic power, it means when one group of people exert control over others, often with their unconscious cooperation. It implies to many cases, for example, the popular kids in school using the term ‘Nerd’ as a form of bullying the geeks. They do it because of how they look, them being geniuses or even maybe because they are socially incompetent. However, how can one person or a group judge on someone because they believe that, that one individual isn’t masculinity enough.

I respect people such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steven Jobs. They both will walk into a meeting in a jumper, jeans and trainers just to show that they don’t need to be like the men who wear suits in the office room, to show their importance. They don’t need to impress because they know that they are the importance to the company. I believe that masculinity isn’t a form of how we look, how we act or even what we can do. It is a form of men and women that get knocked down and get back up, working towards their dreams. The ones that show kindness, love, help and protect others. The ones that see the light, when there is darkness. They are the people that thrive through life and prove that they are a real man or woman.


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