Final Letterpress Outcome



Above is a few of my designs, I had printed in a letterpress workshop. This was my second attempt at trying to collaborate a full printed letterpress sentence. I struggled last time as I couldn’t get my head wrapped around the idea, of positioning the letters in a certain way. However, I felt that the more I practiced, the more it got easier to create.

Final Outcome-


After I had printed out my pieces of letterpress, I then made a collage of them all together. I didn’t want to use just one piece, as I felt that they all had a meaning to each one. The red type was the first print, that I had ever done in letterpress. I really wanted to involve this as I felt that it showed my development, from the red design to the next design.

The backward writing with the line above it, below the red type. That one was actually a mistake, I placed the letters in the wrong order and it caused the prints to come out like that. However, I’m glad I added it on to the collage because it shows a unique style of how else I could place the type. With the others, I pressed one of them down once and found that it gave it a rough, faint and unfinished edge to the font. I quite liked this, it gives the type a rustic, old look about it. With the rest, I pressed them down about 3 or 4 times. This caused the font to become bolder and thicker giving it a better finish.

What I learnt from doing this task was that the ink takes quite a long time to dry, I found that I had to be careful when handling the designs. I accidently kept smuding them, as I thought they were dry so if I were ever going to do this again, I would have to give myself a few days before presenting the finished piece. Just so then I know it will come out a lot better.

My favourite out of all of them is the one where I kept rotating the paper, to get the text overlapping one another on the page. It is very effective because it shows a different way of laying text and how typography and imagery could work well together combined. I felt you could definitely create something beautiful, just by working with the layouts. To improve I would be more careful with the excess ink on the type, as that was what caused the text to smudge. Other than that I am very happy with this outcome.


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