Specimen Final Outcome- Caslon Pro


This is my final outcome of my type specimen, Caslon Pro. When I started this poster, I tried to remind myself that I had to design a poster, based on what the word itself is portrayed like. When I was experimenting with my development, I kept drifting towards making the posters very stylish and funky. However, I knew that Caslon pro is an old typeface used for documents, letters, newspaper’s and novels. I ended up taking inspiration, from one of the newspapers William Caslon had designed. I felt I would attempt to design the poster like a newspaper, giving it a mixture between an old and modern day style. I really wanted to do it in the style of William Caslon, as I felt I would have a better connection of understanding how he worked. I was tempted to create my own style but felt that I wouldn’t truly learn, how he came up with the amazing work that he’d produced.

With the heading, I started off with a black bold Caslon font stretched out across the upper page. However felt that it wasn’t emphasising the type, which is why I wanted the type to look as if it were coming out of the page. I also like how the grey C is a little off center from the black C because it makes it look like the fonts all have shadows. Even though the rest look well positioned, it shows that not all shadows are the same, each letter is unique and characteristic.

For the paragraphs, I was debating whether to lay them out flushing to the left or to have them straight cut down the column. In the end, I went for the straight cut as that was what William Caslon typically used for all of his newspaper designs. I even used one of his famous quotes, as I felt that showed how much his work meant to him and how much he was devoted to creating his work.

To improve I would look over the composition of the poster, making sure that everything is centered correctly. Also maybe enlarging the text or placing a little design into the positive spacing, just so the page looks more fuller.

Overall my honest thoughts on this poster is that I feel I have managed to mimic William Caslon style. However, deep down I feel that this poster isn’t enough. I am still so tempted to add more style and funkiness to it, I felt that I really had to jump out of my comfort zone and create something that I wasn’t 100% on. Then again I know I would drift away from the methods of how William Caslon does his work. I would never have a true understanding of the typeface Caslon pro if I didn’t understand the true source, which is the designer.


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