Specimen – Inspiration & Experimentation


For my Specimen poster, I have had to base mine on the typeface Caslon pro. Above are two posters I found from last years students. This was very useful for me to look at because it gives me an idea of compositions and how the style of the typeface could look.

Black Caslon Pro Poster- I really like the style of the black poster, because I think the designer really compliments the typeface itself. Caslon pro is mainly used for headlines of newspapers, documents, novels and others along that line. The way she has blown the typeface across the page relates to the big headliner equation. I even like how the layout of the paragraphs is going straight down the column. Even the faint type in the background looks very effective.

White Caslon Pro Poster- I like the style of the white poster. It’s a lot like the black poster but instead has ‘GA’ across the page. I like how the designer of this poster has turned the type into imagery; the person has layered it out very well, as the text is still clear for the audience to read. The only fault I would say is that I think these two pieces are very stylish and Caslon pro is quite an old typeface, so I don’t think they are quite capturing the essence of the style font Caslon pro.



Here I have roughly experimented around with compositions, style, fonts, imagery and other sources. I really like how most of these were coming along. I love the two black posters, because of the different colours tones and the positioning of the letters. I think that the black background really compliments the white lettering. It’s a lot more striking than it being inverted the other way around. I like the white poster because of the extension of the serifs, on some of the letters. Also how I have placed the letters of the alphabet within the bowls of the ‘O’s.’

When I was experimenting with this kind of style, I really liked how it was turning out. However, I felt that something was missing, that I wasn’t quite getting something right. That’s when I spoke to my lecturer and he reminded me that Caslon pro type, is an old typeface. It was used for important documents and was more fancy, than crazy. I felt like I was doing the same as the students that did Caslon pro last year. Their work was very crazy and stylish and I needed to do something a bit more conservative and smart. Which is why I felt I had to go back a few steps and think again about what Caslon pro is really about. I had to think about how I could portray it, in the best possible way. Which is when I then started researching the designs that Caslon pro had been used for. After really understanding the meaning of the type, an idea struck and I felt a little more confident with how my final outcome could come out like.


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