Modular Typography

My own experimentation with Modular Typography


Group final outcome

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-13-00-09Modular typography is having parts that can be connected or combined in different ways. For example r, n, m, g, y, can be made into the same letters, just by adding extra lines or taking them away. The same goes for p, d, q and b if you rotate them at different angles, they can become the same letters.

In my lecture, we were instructed to get into groups of six people. Once we found our groups, we were provided with different grid methods. We were told to design as many typefaces as possible, onto the grid system. All of us started to come up with our own designs, just to get a sense of experimentation and practice. I found the task quite therapeutic, working with different shapes, forming letters onto the grid. I thought that it was hard to illustrate on to our graph system, as the grid wasn’t like any standard grid. It was quite a complicated geometric grid. However, if we didn’t have this grid system, we probably wouldn’t have come up with the styles we designed in the group.

Once we were all comfortable with our own designs, we had a discussion about which ones were more effective and well constructed. About 10 minutes of talking and messing around with the designs, we finally came to the conclusion of which one we were going to choose. I liked the design we chose because it looked very smart and clear for an audience to see. I especially love the small serifs on the letters; I felt it made them look more effective and unique.

Moving on from illustrating, we ended up moving the designs on to Indesign. With Indesign I’m not as confident, as there is still certain things I need to familiarise myself with. Which is why I struggled a little more with this next part, I found it was very time-consuming and fiddly. I was glad I was in a group of people because we helped each other with the construction of the letters, gave each other input of what needed to be done to push it towards perfection.

Overall I’m happy with the outcome of our Modular typography. It’s unique and well designed, I definitely believe that it could be used well for a magazine or the front cover of a novel.


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