Constellation- How the body hides from view



The way I perceive my drawings, is a form of my mind and body. I was given a task to hold an object in my hand, without looking. I had to feel its identity and then draw out a sketch of it. When I first took hold of the object, it felt hard, with strong edging around the surfaces. I tapped on it with my nail and thought it sounded of plastic. I noticed the top of it rotated, which made me think of things that move circularly. For example, balls, wheels, clocks and other sources that do the same. However, I felt the sharp straight edges of the object and was convinced that it would be a square based object. As I kept feeling around, certain parts started to come away. That’s when I felt the notches on the side, immediately I thought it could be Lego. When I started drawing it, I made the proportion of it small, as it felt quite tiny in my hand. By drawing it small, I felt I was mimicking the object. Once I had a rough conclusion, of how my mind had come up with an answer. I revealed the object into focus and seen that it was a piece of Lego.

The next step was then to draw what I could see. I felt that this time it was a lot different because I was noticing, the colour tones, the shadows and the shapes of it. I felt I was adding more detail and was a lot sketchier with it. I consumed a lot more time on what I could see, instead of what I could feel. I felt that my mind and my body worked quite well together, but both came up with different outcomes.

This enlightened me on human perceptions; it shows that even with ourselves, we aren’t always what we seem. There is so much more to learn about how we are and not what we are. To reflect on how we perceive the world not what.



One thought on “Constellation- How the body hides from view”

  1. I am impressed to see how you expand your horizons this is going to be quite interesting over the coming months/ years. Keep it up Megan I like it….


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