Vernacular typography


In my lecture, we were split into groups and given a word from a box. The word we were given was ‘Distress’ with this word we had to turn it into a Vernacular typeface. Once we were given our word distress, we began to get a better understanding of the word itself, we ended up researching what the meaning of it was and how we could use it. We began to understand that it meant anxiety, pain and sorrow.  Once we defined the word we felt we could move forward on to how we were going to portray it.

Some of us came up with great idea’s for example, we started to work with the word anxiety causing distress. Our first initial thought was coursework and how students get stressed over the studying of exams. We were going to lay books and pens everywhere and make it very messy showing a sign of distress. Then we thought about working with old distressed surfaces, like old metal and worn out surfaces. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we were going to base the word ‘distress’ on a phobia. We thought basing it around phobia, was quite good because that is when people feel vulnerable and weak. They become too scared, which causes them to become very distressed. The phobia we went for was Claustrophobia, which means a fear of confined spaces.

Once we had the idea of what we were going to do, we decided to letter press the word ‘Distress.’ By doing this each of the letters had a rough texture and this linked back to one of our ideas about using distressed surfaces. We decided to use the colour red for our word as we thought it was quite striking and bold. We thought it would stand out more clearly within the scenery as it was quite dull colours. Also, we purposely didn’t make all the letters the same size, so that we could make the words look uneasy. Then we enlarged the letters and placed them somewhere that we thought represented distress. We found a very small lift and thought that if we filled lots of people within this lift, it would give a sense of a small, confined environment.

I think that our final image turned out very well and that we worked very well as a team. However, when discussing it with the class we began to realise that we hadn’t quite grasped the aim of portraying the word. We realised we based our efforts on creating the image to look distressed, but we weren’t giving the word a sense of being distressed. Once we had seen everyone’s work, we then realised where we had made our mistakes. As a team, we had to make the audience think straight away that the word itself was distressed. I feel when you look at the image, it doesn’t apply to being distressed in anyway.

I think that if we were given more time and feedback about ideas we would have been able to have a better understanding of the task. Overall, I think that we did well as a team, we communicated ideas, helped each other and improved in situations on the way.


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