Constellation- Modules

The social body and The cultural body are the modules I believe are used within the practise of Graphic Communications.

Firstly the reasons for why I think that the social body links in well within my practice. Is that the way us humans connect, is to communicate with one another. By communicating we socialise, by socialising we begin to expand a wide range of personalities, which we encounter across. Whether it’s by human contact or even talking on a social network. By socialising we understand different cultures, styles, personalities, languages and so much more. We learn from one another, by expressing ideas and experiences. Within my practice socialising works because I gain ideas and improve by talking to people about my work. If I go wrong within my work, I can get feedback and learn how to improve. If I am doing well I can get appraised, which boosts my confidence. I do believe that socialising is a necessity, which we must do. We only thrive from the world and people around us.

For the cultural body, it sort of links in with the social body. By socialising and communicating, we begin to understand the different cultures around us. Whether it’s looking at styles or learning about different religions. We feed off the resources, which we learn from one another. Learning about different cultures is like a breath of fresh air; the way we all live different lives and spend our days. This links in well with Graphics because one of the main points I have learned is to understand your audience. How and who we want to target the designs at. When designing you must make sure that you don’t cause any offense to people, enterprises, religions and so much more. To understand culture you must research each and every aspect, whether it’s seeking it through the web or learning it by communicating with people. It’s good to have knowledge of the different cultures and the way people’s styles are, across the world.


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