Specimen & Dynamic typographic research




Before I start my Caslon pro typeface poster, I felt I needed to research a little to get a better perspective about it and gather some inspiration. I first started looking for examples of type used dynamically in a poster context. Doing this helps me pin point the most effective aspects of a poster and think more creatively on the ideas that I could produce.

This link below showed me a lot of examples, of posters that showed experimentations, style and lots of different outcomes.

Examples of Dynamic and Specimen Designs



Pink Poster: I really like the style of this pink poster, because of how the text is intertwining in one another. For example how the arm of the ‘T’ goes through the middle of the bowl of the ‘O’. This makes them look like they are locked in with one another. Which makes it quite unusual because to me the title is called ‘The Opening.’ However I think the concept of it, makes it look like it is all closed and locked up. I don’t feel that sense of freedom. Which is why I like it, even though its so simple, it still catches the audience eyes and makes them question it.

Neon Poster: I love how the designer of this poster, experimented around with the composition of the typography. How some of the words have gone in reverse and some upside down. Even the opacity of the colouring of the type, has changed which makes them look transparent. I feel that this poster has the same effect as the pink poster, it gives the audience something to think about.


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