6 word story design- Roald Dahl style

I have been set a task to design a 6 word story poster, using Roald Dahls style and inspiration. The rules to this task was that it had to be based on 6 descriptive words that make sense together, describing Roald Dahls work. I decided to do it on one of his novels which is called the ‘The witches.’ I chose to do this because when the movie was made it was filmed in my home town Cornwall. I felt I knew a lot about the movie and what it was about, I had read his books and seen the designs, so I felt I could really put a lot of thoughts into it.

imageThe type I used was engraver and Khmer and for every letter I did I tried to combine a section of each of the letters. Once I’d came to terms of how the letters looked, I then started to think about the composition of how I wanted it to look like. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted it central or more to the edge of the page.


This is my final outcome of my 6 word story poster. I like how the type is more central because I feel that’s where the human eyes, tend to draw more towards. When doing the type I wanted magical, witch and evil to be big and bold as I felt they were the more dominant words. Then for craft, plotting and plans I felt they were quite sneaky and kerniving, so I felt they needed to be smaller. Once I had finished with the type and composition, I felt it still wasn’t enough, something was missing. I did some research into witches and different kinds of poster and decided that I wanted it to look more magical. Which is why I started putting angles on the side of the letters, to almost make them look like stars. Doing this made me feel, like it had that magical look.


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