Letter pressing

Below is my letterpress work, that I did in one of my workshops. I found this task quite difficult, I couldn’t seem to get my mind wrapped around the concept of reversing the letters left to right. Then flipping the letters upside, so that it could be reflected the right way around. My first attempt is the black type below, which didn’t go very well. I misjudge the positioning of them and failed to get a clean, clear sentence printed. Once, I understood where I was going wrong, I decided to work with a more simple print by using just one word instead of a sentence. The word I ended up using was ‘type’ and from there just did lots of test runs until I was happy with my outcome.

When I was doing this I thought it would be a quick and easy task to do, it wasn’t until I tried doing it, I knew I was wrong. I found that it was a very time consuming and technical skill to have to be able to do this letterpressing in a neat, professional way. I made a lot of mistakes that aggravated me but if it wasn’t for the mistakes that I made, I wouldn’t of learnt how to make my work better than it could ever be. Once I was happy with my outcome, I felt that I had achieved something. Going from a skill I didn’t possess, to then having one.



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