Definition of Hybography- a mixture of things. For example a hybrid of a horse and a dog.

Above is quick collaboration I put together to give as and example.

Working with the term Hybography, I had to come up with a descriptive word and then design a version, in the meaning of it. Once I chose my word, I had to then make sure I was involving Sans-serif and Serif type into the makings of the word. The word I chose to work with was ‘Abomination’ the definition of abomination is hatred, threat and war. When designing it, I felt I needed to make my word look like a battlefield. I did this by splitting up half the text, to show a divide. Then putting half the text in uppercase and the rest in lowercase to show the difference. I even put cracks within the text to make them look broken. Before I came to my final design, I did a more neater, cleaner look. Very bold and sharp but felt that it wasn’t giving the word abomination any justice, so I felt I needed to play around making it look more like the word it is.

Before I attempted this task I didn’t think I was going to like it, I’ve never been one for typography. However, I liked that we could be more experimentive with the words and almost felt like I was creating an image with type.



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