Typography Introduction & Experimentation

What is typography? Ty­pog­ra­phy is the vi­sual com­po­nent of the writ­ten word.


Typeface has a lot of terminology and are various terms used for each part of the letter. For example, ‘baseline’ in the line the word sits on; kerning is the space between each letter; tracking is the inter-word spacing and leading is the interline spacing. Above are some notes that I wrote in my book to remember what certain typefaces there is and how they are all structured. Throughout my this project I hope to have a better understanding of the term typography.

The type below is some of the experimentation I did on Illustrator. I found that it was quite therapeutic. I enjoyed distorting the letters in various ways, for example some look to be melting, some with sharp edges and finally my favourite type, which is the top right one. I like this type because it looks like smashed glass, all broken up. I found that experimenting with type like this, helps me improve with illustrator and gives me ideas for future designs.image


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