In one of my lectures my class and I, were given a task to go into Cardiff city centre in groups of 3 or 4 people. We were all told to look for certain typefaces and take photos, so that then we could then go back to our class and design from the images. I found that this was a very useful experiment to part take in, it gave me a better understanding of what certain typefaces were like, in the everyday world. It made me imagine more what a Superior letter, Fat face, Bifurcated serif and others might be like. Doing this kind of task made me understand it a lot more, than just reading it in a book. I felt I could really visually remember the look and terminology of the typefaces. Once we found a good amount of typefaces, we headed back to the classroom and then all of us started to cut out silhouettes of the letters that we were working with. Once we had finished, we all put our work up on a wall together and then finally the outcome came out quite nicely. I love the neutral colours and how each individual letter shows a part from the heart of Cardiff. I found that when the class presented their work, it was a good way of seeing different styles and ideas.image


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