My First Blog Post

Finally I have been able to create my first blog, which will be involving everything that inspires and interests me alongside some of my own work.

For my first task as a student at Cardiff metropolitan University, I was given the task to design the first initial of my name in the style of an illuminated letterform and show within my workings who I am as a person? why I want to come university? and who inspires me? The style of my design was based on the Ocean. The reason for this is because I am from the Cornwall and wanted to show a little bit of my home. I lived in a whole different world of beaches, surfers, local people and the relaxing atmosphere. I had done that for so long, that I needed a new adventure. A world of glam, nightlife, new people and just the general hustle and bustle. Studying at Cardiff Metropolitan I felt gave me a good opportunity to extend my work and live in a whole new environment; which is why I have made the tails of the fish and watercolour drift out into the positive areas of the illustration, showing that I am moving away. I used three clams to replicate the style of the three feathers, which is the logo sign for the welsh rugby team. Then finally I portrayed the theme of the Ocean, to resemble my inspiration which was my home. Designing and presenting this task to my graphics class benefits me because it portrays my skills set and style. unnamed


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